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Little Green Men Slots: A Unique Slot Variation

One of the interesting slot variations distributed by AC Coin and Slots, Little Green Men Slots has a theme related to creatures from other worlds. Most gamblers who have interest in aliens and unidentified flying objects (UFO) like to try Little Green Men Slots because it has attractive features concerning UFO culture. Little Green Men Slot Machines has five reels and 20 pay lines.

The Basic Features of Little Green Men Slots

Little Green Men Slot Machines accept various denominations. The maximum bet that players can place in this slot variation is five coins. However, if players want to qualify for the jackpot prize, players need to play all the pay lines in the machines, which mean that they need to place at most 100 coins.

Special Icons in Little Green Men Slots Machines

The slot variation uses special and attractive icons to make the game more luring to gamblers. One of the special icons in this slot variation is Purple Flash. This icon is a green man with three eyes and who rides a flying saucer. When Purple Flash appears on the screen of the slot machines, players should match other wild icons that Purple Flash zaps. To get a prize, they need to match at least three icons.

Description of the Bonus Game of Little Green Men Slots

When players qualify for a bonus game, two flying saucers appear on the screen of the slot machine, one on the left and another on the right. To get bonus money, players need to keep choosing the appropriate flying saucer. The bonus game ends when they choose the wrong UFO.

Family Reunion: Another Cool Version of Little Green Men Slots

The unique slot variation amuses many gamblers in casinos so some gaming establishments introduce new version of the game such as Family Reunion Slots. This version offers two bonus games to lucky gamblers. When players successfully play the bonus games, they qualify for the five levels of bonus points.

Little Green Men Slots is only one of the many interesting and amazing slot variations that players can try in gaming establishments. To get more winnings in this game, it is important that players explore the various aspects of this slot variation. Little Green Men Slots is very exciting to play so gamblers who want to win profits in the game should focus on the trends in their bankrolls to avoid losing big stakes in this enjoyable and enticing slot variation.

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