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5 Essential Safety Features of a Good Poker Site

There are hundreds and thousands of online poker rooms, but all of them are neither authentic nor trustworthy. Their primary intention is to rob you of your hard-earned money. Once they succeed, they pull down the shutters and start new sites to victimize a new set of players. To protect yourself from such acts of treachery and deceit, you should choose a poker site carefully. Here are a few safety features that help good sites to stand out from the crowd.

1. Impenetrable security systems- To play poker online, you have to deposit funds. For this, you can use either your credit card or bank account. The information pertaining to both these modes of payment is vital, and somehow if it lands in wrong hands, it can be used inappropriately. Hence, prior to disclosing your financial details, find out whether the information would be stored in the general game server or a separate secured server. Furthermore, also try to weigh up the effectiveness of the installed security measures.

2. Infallible privacy policy- A first-rate poker site typically has a comprehensive privacy policy that it stringently abides by to avert the occurrence of unlawful incidents where vital information of the players is sold out for monetary gains. Read the privacy policy warily, and if you discover any loopholes, without any hesitation walk out of the site.

3. Flawless shuffling algorithm- The integrity of shuffling algorithm should be unquestionable because it is the only process to deal the cards. It should not only be fair, but also as random as possible. Some reputed online poker sites get their shuffling algorithm reviewed by third-party auditors in a bid to maintain its credibility.

4. Stringent anti-collusion measures- In online poker rooms, collusion is quite common. It is a secretive agreement between two or more players to restrict open competition and gain an advantage that is totally unfair because it is obtained by defrauding others. Anti-collusion measures are required to prevent such illegal activities from taking place. Trusted sites keep a backup of all the games played. Additionally, they also allow the players to review their moves at any time. In the case of disagreement, the administration immediately comes forward to resolve the problem. Moreover, in-built detectors keep an eye on the players to persuade them to play fairly.

5. Failsafe site encryption- A reliable poker site will always use some kind of site encryption technique to protect the privacy of the players. The most commonly used encryption methodology is SSL (Secure Socket Layer). It is a cryptographic technique in which two keys are used for encryption; one is public key that is known to everyone, and the other is private key that is known only to the person who receives the message. SSL is the most reliable encryption method, and for this reason, it is considered to be the best for poker rooms.

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